Summer Program in Mathematical Problem Solving

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The Art of Problem Solving Foundation launched SPMPS to give underserved middle school students with talent in mathematics access to high-quality mathematical resources and instruction. A major emphasis of the program is creating a community of peers who share a growing passion for math. The ultimate goal of SPMPS is to enable our alumni to get on to the pathway toward careers as mathematicians, scientists, engineers, and programmers. Therefore, we seek to give everyone access to the best kinds of interesting and advanced mathematics which is now enjoyed by top students nationally, which is one of the first steps on this pathway.

As we expand and reach more students in New York City and nationwide, we hope to create a pipeline for highly able students that are not yet aware of or ready for other opportunities, "plugging them in" to a wider, national network of mathematics activities and resources. Our program will be open only to students from schools in underserved areas that do not typically have access to advanced programs in mathematics.

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The Art of Problem Solving Foundation

The Summer Program in Mathematical Problem Solving is run by the Art of Problem Solving Foundation, the non-profit arm of the online school Art of Problem Solving.

Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) develops resources for high-performing middle and high school students, including the largest online community of avid math students in the English-speaking world. The AoPS online school has trained many winners of major national mathematics competitions, including several gold medalists at the International Math Olympiad, Davidson Fellows, and winners of the Intel and Siemens Talent Search competitions.


SPMPS is being led by Executive Director Dan Zaharopol, who holds a bachelor's in mathematics from MIT and master's degrees in mathematics and teaching mathematics from the University of Illinois. In addition to his work with SPMPS, Dan is the founder and CEO of Learning Unlimited, a nonprofit organization that leads a movement of university students teaching pre-college students about everything and anything. Dan also chairs the Board of Directors of the Mathematics Foundation of America which runs Canada/USA Mathcamp.

SPMPS' Director of Programs is Lynn Cartwright-Punnett, who holds a bachelor's in Spanish from Wesleyan University and a master's degree in teaching bilingual mathematics from Pace University. Lynn is a licensed teacher in the New York City Department of Education and taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math at Harbor Heights Middle School. Lynn has extensive experience in informal education and program administration, including, most recently, work in the education department of the Museum of Mathematics.

Instructors and Summer Staff

Information about our staff from last summer is available here.